Krakajokea, East of Java

Posted: June 13, 2010 in Events
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Krakatoa east of java
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Krakajokea, East of Java is a new joke-writing and podcast recording session for stand-up comedians in Richmond. The name is a play on a 1969 movie, “Krakatoa, East of Java.” The movie was one of the last to use the Cinerama process. In point of fact, Krakatoa is west of Java. Krakajokea explains itself. The East of Java part works because the event is held at a coffee shop, the Lamplighter Cafe & Roasting Company at 116 South Addison Street in Richmond. The cafe is on a relatively obscure side street but near the Carytown and Fan districts of Richmond. It’s a block from West Cary Street (there’s a fire station on West Cary and Addison). It’s also near the Dominion complex and the former GRTC bus barns. The sessions will be held every Sunday at 4:00 pm. The link to the Facebook group is Here’s a description from the Facebook group page:

A joke-writing session every Sunday at 4:00 pm at the Lamplighter Roasting Company near Carytown and the Fan. Drink coffee instead of alcohol. In other words, it’s like an AA meeting, only less funny. Brainstorm and network with other comedians. Engage in passive-aggressive humor. Run other comedians down behind their backs. Compare yourself with other comedians and then wonder why you’re depressed. It’ll be great. Plus a live podcast will be taped at each session.

Krakajokea is an attempt to formalize impromptu joke-writing sessions which have been held in the past. The late lamented Comic Kazze stand-up comedy collective, spearheaded by Jared Cullum and Camille Bird, also held joke-writing sessions last year at Ali Baba’s restaurant on West Broad Street near VCU. That’s where I first met Jeff Curran, Richmond’s anti-Bill Cosby. Krakajokea is not intended as competition for the joke-writing sessions at the Richmond Funny Bone on Saturday. Not everybody can get out to Short Pump where the Funny Bone is and Saturday afternoon doesn’t fit everyone’s schedule.

Comedians in Richmond get together at comedy showcases and open mics but a fair amount of  them are amped up with pre-show adrenaline, not to mention over-amped background music, which doesn’t make for the most relaxed of settings for conversation. I’m hoping a non-performance setting will make for a more convivial atmosphere. I hope we’ll be able to come up with some ideas on how to take RVA comedy to the next level. Jeff recently came up with the idea for a Richmond comedian’s softball team so maybe we’ll be able to discuss ways to make that happen.

Comedians in Richmond listen to podcasts such as “WTF” and “Never Not Funny.” As far as I know, none of them are actually producing them, so this is also a chance for us to get out of the consumer mode and into the creative mode. I’ve had some interesting and stimulating discussions with Richmond comedians, which, looking back, I’d wish I could have recorded


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