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Chris Martin

Chris Martin

Chris Martin started doing stand-up comedy in March, 2009 and has performed in comedy nights at Sticky Rice, Cafe Diem, the Camel, Fallout and the 9:55 Comedy Club in Richmond, VA. He was a member of the Curmudgeons of Comedy World Tour at Wabi Sabi twice in Petersburg, VA.

He was in the new talent showcase at RITA’s Comedy Club, opening for Erik Myers. He’s also been the MC for Super Friends Camp Comedy Showcase at the New York Deli and the stand-up comedian at the Paradox Comedy improv group’s Halloween show, “Motel Hell.” He was a contestant in the Jim Beam “Last Stag Standing” comedy competition at Cafe Europa in Richmond.

What comedians say about Chris Martin:
“I really enjoyed your set: witty, thoughtful, and quirky. Great stuff… killarious.” – James Paulk
“Richmond’s Bill Maher… funny, funny stuff.” – Corey Marshall
“An effed-up Yahoo! News!” – Kelly Henderson
“One of the few comedians I don’t hate.” – Robb Loving
“Dry.” – Tom Via
“One of the best joke writers in this Goddamn city.” – Joe Hafkey

“Comedian extraordinaire.” – Kenny Wingle

“The hardest working comic in RVA.” – Blake Midgette

“One of the best…” – David Marie-Garland

“He’s a funny guy. He’s very current. He watches a lot more news than I do.” – Dave Hamrick
CarlDonnelly: @ChrisMcomedy I reckon this one is going to be funnier than you: https://chrismartincomedy.wordpress.com/

What people are saying about Chris Martin:
@eMOMster: @chrisbmartin so tacky
Lola Bee: “Sicko.”

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