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the saddest clown in town

Brown Frown the Clown at Cafe Diem Comedy Night

Brown Frown the Clown brings his patented blend of existential dread and stand-up comedy to the Official Blake Midgette Roast Monday at Cafe Diem in Richmond, Virginia. Photo by Chris Martin

Schmap for the Official Blake Midgette Roast

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Poster by Chris Martin

The Blake Midgette Roast poster by Chris Martin

One of Richmond, Virginia‘s best comedians and all around well-rounded bastards is leaving us for Austin. Let’s send him off right. Your Roasters for the evening will be James Paulk, Jared Cullum, Bill Metzger, David Marie-Garland, Kenny Wingle, Jeff Curran, Jason Klingman, Chris Martin, Brown Frown the Clown, and Ron Rogers, with your Roastmaster Joe Hafkey. So come out, get drunk, and see if we can make Blake cry! – Joe Hafkey

Cafe Diem, Monday, May 31, 10-2 pm

Schmap for the roast:

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April 25 Super Friends Camp

Super Friends Camp at the New York Deli in Richmond, Virginia

Stand-up comedy with James Paulk headlining, Robb Loving, Blake Midgette, Brown Frown the Clown, Tommy McMullen and Katrina von Johnson as your MC. Poster by Chris Martin.

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