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Gabriel Iglesias: the one argument big friends have: who is the biggest?
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When you’re a little kid, you never realize you’re family’s weird because they’re all you know.
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MC at Cozzy's Comedy Club in Newport News

David C. Wingfield on the mic

John Reaves, Patrick McCarthy, David Marie-Garland and I went down to the open mic at Cozzy’s Comedy Club in Newport News, Virginia Thursday. RVA’s own David C. Wingfield was the MC. The open mic used to be only on the first Thursday of the month but has now expanded to first and third Thursdays.

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K-9 Comedy @ City Dogs poster

K-9 Comedy @ City Dogs poster designed by Chris Martin

K-9 Comedy @ City Dogs poster for the Richmond, VA’s newest stand-up comedy open mic, hosted by Odyssey Michaels at City Dogs in the Fan.

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Cartoon showing baby representing New Year 190...
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Tuesday’s That Ain’t Right Comedy Night at Fallout wasn’t as well attended by comedians (down to six from around 12 the first time out) but there was a larger audience and they were more responsive. My set was a mix of new and older material. I got some laughs from jokes which previously hadn’t done as well. I just wish I could remember which ones they were. Comedians who showed up included host Dave Hamrick, Ray Bullock, Marc Cooper, Kelly Henderson and Leo. The next shows are on December 15 and 29, which means I may get out a diaper for a New Year‘s baby bit. I’ve got one more set in which I’m going to use this material, the December 7 Comedy Night at Cafe Diem.

Comedy at the Camel, another project of Dave Hamrick’s, debuted to a full house, with Ray Bullock headlining and Jesse Jarvis MCing. Sets by Roy Rogers, Dave Hamrick and Bill Metzger of Charlottesville, among others. Blake Midgette stopped by. He was just back from two weeks in New York where he did an open mic at a hole-in-the-wall club in the East Village.

I’m trying to catch up on my backlog of video material. Right now, I’ve stripped the audio from the October 4, 2009 set at the Last Stag Standing competition at Europa Cafe. The next step is to listen to the set or look at the script and get tags for when I upload to Taltopia, Punchline magazine, Gcast and Soundcloud. Unfortunately, I decided to scan the disk with those files on it for errors so I’m temporarily locked out and unable to work with them. The next step is to edit the video file in Pinnacle, which basically consists of slapping titles on the front and back end.

One decision coming down the road is my next step in terms of improving output. I’m still getting feedback that the sound quality of the video output of the Canon PowerShot is not that great, the latest comment coming from Virginia Production Alliance  on YouTube. I don’t have that much of a problem hearing what’s said certainly the sound could be improved. This would take the form of buying a Kodak Zi8, which mean an improvement in video quality as well, going from 20 fps to 30 and 60 fps, as well as going from 640×480 to 780p and 1080p.  This would also mean getting a wireless lavalier mic for what should be a big boost in audio quality. Another advantage: the Zi8 has has a remote control which means I wouldn’t have to be standing at the camera to start filming my sets and those of other people.

Other possibilities for improvements: Brother’s $50 personal laser printer so I don’t have to shell out an arm and a leg for ink jet cartridges any more; Serif’s movie editor so I can overcome the limitations of Pinnacle and one minimalist possibility, getting some business cards from VistaPrint so I can do some more publicity with Salty Tongue Records.

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My cold left me behind and playing catchup on various chores. I lost around four days from the onset/onslaught of the cold the night of my set at the artspace benefit to three-to-four days later. Because I was feeling lackadaisical due to the cold, I didn’t shave my beard for several days, and then decided to go ahead and keep letting it grow now that winter is here. I still want to get my hair cut. So at least my appearance now synchs with my avatars/profile pics.

I did get the video from October 2 posted on the web. I still haven’t established an account for my stand-up comedy at Vimeo and posted the video there. I haven’t posted the transcript for that set on Funny or Die. Next steps in work flow is to edit the video from my October 5 set at Cafe Diem Comedy Night.

I haven’t update the appearances widget on this blog. I still haven’t figured out how to get RSS onto the sidebar. I’m not on Rooftop Comedy yet but I have gotten on Topshelfd. In fact, the latest video I posted in on their home page. I’m thinking about adding a “rules of comedy” page to this blog.

My sister liked the sound on that video, which was due to the fact that I recorded it at home because my efforts to record it at Super Friends Camp and Cafe Diem failed. Memo to self: get a Kodak Zi8 and a wireless lavalier mic.

Upcoming event is “That Ain’t Right” comedy night at the Fallout. I’ve got to rewrite the set, removing the Michael Moore jokes and adding four jokes I’ve written for There’s a three week break before the next Cafe Diem Comedy Night because there are five Mondays in November. I want to burn a DVD of Jared Cullum’s last set at Cafe Diem so I can pass it on to him at Fallout. The first step is to get everything from the memory card offloaded to the hard drive.

WordPress now has a button above the “add new posts” page which allows you to get a shortened link. I still haven’t navigated around and explored all the features/tweaks involved in the site. At least it’s now showing up on the first page of Google searches.

I’ve been watching “The Daily Show” and “The Colbert Report”  on Hulu. HuffPo definitely skims the cream with their clips. Watching the whole show, there are moments when the shows slip into talk show blandness. Fortunately for them, the Silly Season runs pretty much 24/7/365 thanks to attention-junkies like Sarah Palin and Levi Johnston.

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