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Chris Martin on the cover of UFOs magazine

Chris Martin on the cover of UFOs magazine

After doing 10 minutes for Paradox Comedy’s “Motel Hell” Halloween show Thursday, it turns out I’m doing 10 minutes again, though not the same material, for the ArtSpace benefit November 13. We have a run-through Sunday, November 8. I want to develop another five minutes that I can bolt onto the five minutes of topical humor that I usually do at Cafe Diem Comedy Night. I believe I can do that by Sunday though I haven’t written many topical jokes lately. Nothing has come to mind lately. I may have to plow through the pile of jokes at and see if there’s anything that

The way you insert photographs in WordPress isn’t particularly intuitive but I finall seem to have gotten the hang of it. I’m going to be trying to post a funny photo with every new blog post. I don’t have a clue as to how galleries work in WordPress. I don’t plan to publish a lot of photos here but I might eventually want to gather all the photos together.

I’m still holding at over 200 followers on Twitter so I got rid of one incessant marketing tweeter who was firing off bursts of half-a-dozen tweets all at once. I just can’t believe people who follow thousands of people are paying any attention to their tweet stream.

The VodPod integration is working well. However, I had to dump the publicize through Twitter feature of WordPress because all it does when VodPod published the video blog is send an URL to Twitter, not to mention there may be times when I publish videos more often than I want to to tweet. All I want to publicize on Twitter are blog posts that I write and I only do that fairly late at night. I also had to change the theme because the videos were overhanging,/overlapping the column, so I had to switch to a theme with a larger column size.

I’m rehearsing tonight for tomorrow at Cafe Diem. My modus operandi is simply to recite/read through the set today (Sunday) and memorize tomorrow.

WordPress doesn’t adjust for falling back or springing forward so I’ll have to wade through the not-particularly intuitive interface and do it myself. At some point I want to start working on the blog roll as well as insert the Chris Martin tag for previous posts, which I forgot to do. I saved my Twitter stream as a PDF and I want to find a program that can edit PDFs (, eliminate the announcements, keep the jokes and print it out for future reference.

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No I'm fine I can last till Halloween is over
Image by Tattooed JJ via Flickr

Today I’ve been exploring the potential of Vodpod. Vodpod has the best integration with other services of any video-sharing site I’ve seen. It works well with WordPress and other blogging platforms. You can have videos you upload to a YouTube channel published to your WordPress sidebar as well as your VodPod. You can also create your own video web sites and publish to them as well.  You’re limited to three channels on VodPod unless you’re willing to pay more. My three are comedy videos in general which I’m drawing from the LaughHut channel on YouTube as well as videos I run across while surfing on the web which you can publish to VodPod using a Firefox bookmarklet.

Another site that allows you to pull together video from different site is Yubby but from what I can tell it’s not as full-featured at VodPod. But it might be something to look into.

I back up my tweets using I got nervous after I could access previous pages on my Twitter page.

I also wrote my routine for Monday at Cafe Diem Comedy Night. Some material I haven’t done before at Cafe Diem but I included some old Jesus jokes in honor of James Paulk’s appearance as Jesus. I’d like to do a spoof of the Intelrock star” commercial only make it about people like Joe Hafkey and Jared Cullum. I’m hoping I have time to make another “Smokin’ Hot” video interview for Project Resolution. I bought some more blank DVDs at Kroger but I really need to score some at Amazon but they are so much more cheaper — for the same price as 20 at Kroger you can get 50 at Amazon. I’m getting close to the end of the line on my black ink cartridges as well. I also want to get some more business cards to hand out for Salty Tongue Records at I want to ask some people who I know through Twitter if they would like their MP3s included in an album.

I hope to upload some more videos from the last Cafe Diem to the LaughHut YouTube channel tonight. I’m almost finished doing the first “Motel Hell” so I want to start transferring files from the memory card.

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Still bouncing around the Internet, trying to find a good platform for a stand-up comedy web site. My first effort was a hosted site at GoDaddy using Serif’s WebPlus but I ran into WSYWIG problems with audio and video.  On to Weebly but I ran into limitations with sizing photos correctly. The blog wasn’t industrial strength. The blog doesn’t have a blogroll built into it unless you count Delicious but you can’t break it down into categories.

I liked the ability to bypass GoDaddy’s ads by rerouting the DNS to Weebly. You can do that for free on Weebly but it costs extra at WordPress. You can’t upload audio to WordPress without paying extra as with Weebly. WordPress has a nice feature integrated in that you can tweet your blog posts. Weebly allows you to use Google AdSense but the day I make any money using Google AdSense is the day I’m on David Letterman (insert your own joke here, heh, heh).

Mandy Stadtmiller
Image via Wikipedia

Three Richmond stand-up comedians who are using WordPress to host their web sites: Blake Midgette, Jared Cullum and Tim Wood. Molly Buckley of the improv group Made of Bees uses WordPress and she’s a social media goddess.  Three comedian tweeps that have rockin’ web sites: Mandy Stadtmiller, Paul Mercurio and Joe Klocek but they probably have the money to pay someone to do it for them.

On my list of things to do: install some widgets and customize the header.

In other news, it looks like I’ll be hitting 200 followers on Twitter. To paraphrase the old blues song, if it weren’t for affiliate marketeers, SEO gurus and MLMers, I wouldn’t have any followers at all.

Let’s have a moment of silence for GeoCities, where I got my start building web sites.

Written while listening to Bob Welch on YouTube.

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