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At one point, I was three-and-a-half months behind on posting videos of my stand-up comedy sets on the Internet. By dint of steady application, I got to the point where I was only two weeks behind. I was almost feeling depressed about catching up. It’s a feeling of what’s next? Actually, I still have some loose ends: uploading the rest of my videos to my Facebook fan page at and sorting out the remaining MP3 files to upload. My biggest priority is to figure out which MP3s to upload to iTunes, where I have over 1,400 subscribers to my podcast.

There are two schools of thought about video uploads. There’s Sarah Silverman‘s (see below). Silverman seems to feel that people who watch a crappy cellphone video won’t want to watch her HBO special. I don’t buy that. A more plausible objection is that internet video may catch work that is in progress, work that hasn’t been polished. On the other hand, there’s Russell Peters, whose career really started taking off once his work surfaced on YouTube.

My own perspective is that a lot of what I do is topical so if I don’t get it out now, it’s going to be of limited interest in the future.

Last month, I got a Sony digital recorder which I’m now using to record sets instead of stripping the audio off the video. Now it’s a matter of deciding which are the best sets out of several to upload to iTunes (I usually do the same set two or three times before retiring it).  The sound quality with the Sony recorder is better than the audio I was capturing with Canon PowerShot. My next step will be to buy a Sony stereo mic, which take the sound to the next level. Unfortunately, discontinued on-demand streaming of tracks which I thought was the best way for indie producers to share audio content. However,  they’ve brought that feature back. SoundCloud limits the content to one hour unless you want to pay.

The good news is that, which is similar to Pandora and in that it has an algorithm which allows you to discover similar content you may like, and which I recently started using, does allow on-demand streaming. Since I’ve just started recording other stand-up comedians for my label, Salty Tongue Records, with the Sony recorder, I’ll probably set up a label page at I also want to start podcasting the recent tracks I’ve  recorded of stand-up comedians like Robb Loving, Bill Metzger, David Marie-Garland and Blake Midgette. The departure of Blake and Robb for Austin will leave a big hole in the Richmond and DC comedy scenes.

Also on my to-do list: taking and putting up some publicity photos, putting together a web site using Serif’s WebX2, buying a Kodak Zi8 camcorder, putting together a CD, doing some more publicity work and possibly accessorizing the computer some more.

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Tuesday’s That Ain’t Right Comedy Night at Fallout wasn’t as well attended by comedians (down to six from around 12 the first time out) but there was a larger audience and they were more responsive. My set was a mix of new and older material. I got some laughs from jokes which previously hadn’t done as well. I just wish I could remember which ones they were. Comedians who showed up included host Dave Hamrick, Ray Bullock, Marc Cooper, Kelly Henderson and Leo. The next shows are on December 15 and 29, which means I may get out a diaper for a New Year‘s baby bit. I’ve got one more set in which I’m going to use this material, the December 7 Comedy Night at Cafe Diem.

Comedy at the Camel, another project of Dave Hamrick’s, debuted to a full house, with Ray Bullock headlining and Jesse Jarvis MCing. Sets by Roy Rogers, Dave Hamrick and Bill Metzger of Charlottesville, among others. Blake Midgette stopped by. He was just back from two weeks in New York where he did an open mic at a hole-in-the-wall club in the East Village.

I’m trying to catch up on my backlog of video material. Right now, I’ve stripped the audio from the October 4, 2009 set at the Last Stag Standing competition at Europa Cafe. The next step is to listen to the set or look at the script and get tags for when I upload to Taltopia, Punchline magazine, Gcast and Soundcloud. Unfortunately, I decided to scan the disk with those files on it for errors so I’m temporarily locked out and unable to work with them. The next step is to edit the video file in Pinnacle, which basically consists of slapping titles on the front and back end.

One decision coming down the road is my next step in terms of improving output. I’m still getting feedback that the sound quality of the video output of the Canon PowerShot is not that great, the latest comment coming from Virginia Production Alliance  on YouTube. I don’t have that much of a problem hearing what’s said certainly the sound could be improved. This would take the form of buying a Kodak Zi8, which mean an improvement in video quality as well, going from 20 fps to 30 and 60 fps, as well as going from 640×480 to 780p and 1080p.  This would also mean getting a wireless lavalier mic for what should be a big boost in audio quality. Another advantage: the Zi8 has has a remote control which means I wouldn’t have to be standing at the camera to start filming my sets and those of other people.

Other possibilities for improvements: Brother’s $50 personal laser printer so I don’t have to shell out an arm and a leg for ink jet cartridges any more; Serif’s movie editor so I can overcome the limitations of Pinnacle and one minimalist possibility, getting some business cards from VistaPrint so I can do some more publicity with Salty Tongue Records.

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Today I’ve been exploring the potential of Vodpod. Vodpod has the best integration with other services of any video-sharing site I’ve seen. It works well with WordPress and other blogging platforms. You can have videos you upload to a YouTube channel published to your WordPress sidebar as well as your VodPod. You can also create your own video web sites and publish to them as well.  You’re limited to three channels on VodPod unless you’re willing to pay more. My three are comedy videos in general which I’m drawing from the LaughHut channel on YouTube as well as videos I run across while surfing on the web which you can publish to VodPod using a Firefox bookmarklet.

Another site that allows you to pull together video from different site is Yubby but from what I can tell it’s not as full-featured at VodPod. But it might be something to look into.

I back up my tweets using I got nervous after I could access previous pages on my Twitter page.

I also wrote my routine for Monday at Cafe Diem Comedy Night. Some material I haven’t done before at Cafe Diem but I included some old Jesus jokes in honor of James Paulk’s appearance as Jesus. I’d like to do a spoof of the Intelrock star” commercial only make it about people like Joe Hafkey and Jared Cullum. I’m hoping I have time to make another “Smokin’ Hot” video interview for Project Resolution. I bought some more blank DVDs at Kroger but I really need to score some at Amazon but they are so much more cheaper — for the same price as 20 at Kroger you can get 50 at Amazon. I’m getting close to the end of the line on my black ink cartridges as well. I also want to get some more business cards to hand out for Salty Tongue Records at I want to ask some people who I know through Twitter if they would like their MP3s included in an album.

I hope to upload some more videos from the last Cafe Diem to the LaughHut YouTube channel tonight. I’m almost finished doing the first “Motel Hell” so I want to start transferring files from the memory card.

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The Noise Therapist by Jared Cullum

Posted: October 31, 2009 in Videos
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The Noise Therapist

An interview with Steve Hanally, a Nationally Certified Noise Therapist. : you for watching! Written, drawn, edited by Jared Cullum

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I did my first stand-up comedy ten-minute set ever at Paradox Comedy’s “Motel Hell” Halloween show yesterday (October 29) evening at Art 6 in midtown Richmond, VA, following in the illustrious footsteps of RVA comedians such as Jared Cullum, Ray Bullock, Blake Midgette, Jeff Curran and Melanie Rasnic. I guess we’ll know we’re making progress when some of us start showing up in Wikipedia and Zemanta starts suggesting links when I use these names. If I left anyone out of Paradox’s stand-up roster, I apologize profusely. (Not that anyone cares.)

People responded well and got props from some members of the audience afterwards. Thanks for Jesse Wiley and Thomas George for affording me the opportunity. Thanks to Jesse for being the friendly face in the front row. (Actually, there is a Thomas George in Wikipedia but he’s a politician in Australia.) I did a couple of jokes about Artie Lange again but that may be too infra dig for RVA. I wonder if people in Richmond know who he has. Of course, Howard Stern had a run in Richmond syndicated to a local radio station but I suspect that was way before Artie’s time. Lange really looks like hell in the above photo — he makes John Belushi look like a health nut. Mandie Hillary hadn’t heard of balloon boy so my joke went over her head. She must be one of the few people on the planet who hasn’t heard of him by now, and that might be a good thing.

Paradox Comedy didn’t have comedy club lighting so I could see people in the audience a lot better than usual, not to mention good lighting for videotaping moi. I’m now four videos of my sets behind. Procrastination more than anything else. I did a couple of interviews with Jesse and Thomas after the show, audio and video.

I have been uploading videos I shot of the previous “Motel Hell” to a new YouTube channel I started at I’m going to use Laugh Hut as a place for videos of non-me comedy. I’ve been trying to separate out videos by channels to avoid confusion: one channel for interviews (SmokinHotComedy), one channel for my stand-up (ChrisMartinComedian) and one for general stuff (Mediastupor). I’ve been trying to upload more stuff by setting up the YouTube multi-loader to upload stuff while I’m sleeping. That’s generally good for two or three videos a night based on the fact that it takes roughly an hour per 100 megabytes with my low-end DSL connection.

Unfortunately, I exited the show only to find that the lock on my bike had malfunctioned so that I had to catch a ride from one of the crew, which screwed up my plans to swing by Kroger and also mail my latest Netflix movie.

I managed to blow past 200 followers on Twitter but the numbers are dropping back as I don’t follow people back who are into MLM or who appear to have randomly followed me based on no particular mutual interest (an Indian art advisor, The Elbow Friend, a gadget that you attach to your chair (may have been looking for the other Chris Martin since they posted a “Viva la Vida” YouTube video,  a NYC art dealer, etc. in hopes that I will follow them back. This makes about as much sense as making friends with people you randomly call from the phone book but whatever floats their boat. I make it clear on my Twitter page that I’m all about the comedy so there’s no false advertising on my part. They too shall pass.

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Still bouncing around the Internet, trying to find a good platform for a stand-up comedy web site. My first effort was a hosted site at GoDaddy using Serif’s WebPlus but I ran into WSYWIG problems with audio and video.  On to Weebly but I ran into limitations with sizing photos correctly. The blog wasn’t industrial strength. The blog doesn’t have a blogroll built into it unless you count Delicious but you can’t break it down into categories.

I liked the ability to bypass GoDaddy’s ads by rerouting the DNS to Weebly. You can do that for free on Weebly but it costs extra at WordPress. You can’t upload audio to WordPress without paying extra as with Weebly. WordPress has a nice feature integrated in that you can tweet your blog posts. Weebly allows you to use Google AdSense but the day I make any money using Google AdSense is the day I’m on David Letterman (insert your own joke here, heh, heh).

Mandy Stadtmiller
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Three Richmond stand-up comedians who are using WordPress to host their web sites: Blake Midgette, Jared Cullum and Tim Wood. Molly Buckley of the improv group Made of Bees uses WordPress and she’s a social media goddess.  Three comedian tweeps that have rockin’ web sites: Mandy Stadtmiller, Paul Mercurio and Joe Klocek but they probably have the money to pay someone to do it for them.

On my list of things to do: install some widgets and customize the header.

In other news, it looks like I’ll be hitting 200 followers on Twitter. To paraphrase the old blues song, if it weren’t for affiliate marketeers, SEO gurus and MLMers, I wouldn’t have any followers at all.

Let’s have a moment of silence for GeoCities, where I got my start building web sites.

Written while listening to Bob Welch on YouTube.

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